Kids from Springfield Prep play on hay balesField Trips

Fall 2022

Dear teacher friends:

We hope this finds you and your families healthy! Recognizing that some school districts still do not support field trips due to COVID, we are offering fall fun and learning in several ways.

First, we are scheduling fall field trips! We are limiting the number of groups on any given day to avoid large numbers of students. For $7.00 per student, children will enjoy a hayride and choose the perfect pumpkin (small to medium sugar pumpkin). We provide bags for little hands to carry and send each child home with an educational coloring book explaining the life cycle of pumpkins. Teachers, chaperones, and parents are also welcome to participate for $3.00 unless picking pumpkins too! To plan for group sizes, we do ask you to estimate the number of parents and chaperones accompanying your group.

Our farm field trips are aimed for children in preschool through grade 3. We are happy to customize your visit based on the needs and interests of your group. Most groups stay for approximately two hours, which allows plenty of time for meeting our dairy calves, litters of piglets, and goats. We have picnic tables available for snacks or lunches and a play area filled with round bales, which is always a favorite!

As an alternative to the traditional visit, we can deliver pumpkins to the schools as we did for the past two years, allowing you to create your own “pumpkin patch.” We would like the children to still enjoy pumpkins, pumpkin stories, and coloring books. Please let us know how we can support your science projects if they include pumpkins. With a week’s advance notice, we will deliver to the school/daycare pumpkins and the educational coloring book that we have always distributed. Delivered pumpkins and books will be $5.00 per child. Just let us know the quantity needed, date, appropriate time, and place to deliver.

E-mail us at, use the form below, or call 413-527-6888. Hope to see you soon.

Cheryl & Bob Fletcher