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Meet the Ladies

Do cows have personalities? Absolutely! They can be very funny and friendly or the reverse… moody, stubborn and exasperating. We have leaders and followers, a few trouble makers while others are gentle and shy. New moms can be nurturing and caring while others can be selfish and very uninterested in her new offspring. We would like to introduce you to three of our favorites all belonging to the Fletcher children, all three 4-H projects and all with unique personalities.

Fletch Emma Kate Washington, "Emma"


Born on the Fletcher Farm on November 1, 1999 and is owned by Nicole. She is a Holstein cow and at 10 ½ years old is one of our oldest milking cows. She is the reigning queen of the barn and the leader of the herd. Since she was 8 months old, Emma has been shown at many agricultural fairs including the Big E. In her lifetime she has had 7 calves including a set of twins! She has a very outgoing personality and can give you a mean look if she’s not happy. Emma enjoys being clipped and prepared for the fair show season but hates getting baths. She enjoys playing with the water tub and will take a handful of grain or grass from anyone who offers it to her. She does enjoy the company of people and visitors. In her lifetime, Emma has produced over 93,280 lbs of milk which is equivalent to over 10,846 gallons of milk!

Fletch Showtime Lindsay, a.k.a. Lindsay or “Babytime”


Born on the farm on March 6th, 2009 and is owned by Elizabeth. She is a Jersey Heifer who just turned a year old. She traveled to many summertime 4-H fairs and the 2009 Big E, winning many blue ribbons and was a favorite with kids. She enjoys eating and sleeping in the sun and loves giving kisses to anyone who wants one. Lindsay has big “hooves” to fill as her mom, “Lisa” won Junior Jersey Champion at the Big E in 2005. She is extremely spoiled and has a major attitude (a Jersey characteristic!)

Howes Best – 934, “Genevieve”


She was born in Cummington, MA on March 2, 2008 and came to live on the farm when she was a newborn calf. She is a Holstein Heifer and is owned by Matt. Because Genevieve is white on more than 80% of her body Matt spends a great deal of time preparing her for the 4-H shows using lots of shampoo and white baby powder to get her coat so clean and white! In the 2009 show season she and Matt won many showmanship ribbons because they work well together and she is a very fancy animal and loves to be shown! She is now pregnant and due to calve before the end of the year.